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A touching and hilarious memoir by the author of Carrie and Me A Mother Daughter Love Story This Time Together is 100 percent Carol Burnett – funny irreverent and irresistible Carol Burnett is one of the most beloved and revered actresses and performers in America The Carol Burnett Show was seen each week by millions of adoring fans and won twenty five Emmys in its remarkable eleven year run Now in This Time Together Carol. 35 stars Carol BurnettCarol Burnett is probably one of the best known and most popular television personalities Reruns of her old variety show can still be seen on cable TVCarol Burnett had amiable but alcoholic parents and was raised in the Hollywood area by her grandmother Young Carol BurnettEarly in life Carol realized she wanted to be an entertainer and with talent and drive became a very successful comedian singer and actor Along the way Carol acted in stage plays TV shows and movies She was a regular on the Garry Moore TV variety show for years and then had her own TV variety show for 11 seasons Carol Burnett with Garry Moore left and Durward KirbyCarol was also married three times had three daughters and met entertainers and show business personnel of every kind Carol Burnett and her first husband Don SaroyanCarol Burnett and her second husband Joe HamiltonCarol Burnett and her third husband Brian MillerThis book contains a variety of anecdotes about all aspects of Carol s life Some are funny some are touching and some are sad One of my favorites is a story about Carol and four other young struggling would be actresses pooling five dollars each to buy an orange community dress for auditions bright colors being necessary to catch the director s eye When Carol lost a part to another gal in an orange dress she switched to yellowCarol talks about how thrilled she was to meet Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant and about an hour long telephone conversation she had with Marlon Brando while she desperately needed to pee Carol tells tales about doing shows with Julie Andrews and Beverly Sills and of course the regulars on her TV show Harvey Korman Tim Conway Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner There are lots of anecdotes about actors and singers and playwrights and directors and so on that Carol knew but the book never comes across as name dropping The cast of the Carol Burnett Show Tim Conway Harvey Korman Carol Lyle Waggoner Vicki LawrenceCarol also talks about her marriages and raising her three children For a long time Carol was married to Joe Hamilton the producer of her variety show and father of her three daughters An array of stories in the book revolve around raising the girls dealing with their little fibs their naughty behavior in restaurants etc A sad anecdote talks about Carol s daughter Carrie struggling with and dying from lung cancer Carol Burnett and her daughtersI thought the book was interesting and entertaining though not as laugh out loud funny as I expected I d recommend it to folks interested in celebrity memoirsYou can follow my reviews at

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Really lets her hair down and tells one funny or touching or memorable story after another – reading it feels like sitting down with an old friend who has wonderful tales to tell  In engaging anecdotes Carol discusses her remarkable friendships with stars such at Jimmy Stewart Lucille Ball Cary Grant and Julie Andrews; the background behind famous scenes like the moment she swept down the stairs in her curtain rod dress in. At the end of each episode of her eponymous show Carol Burnett would sing I m So Glad We Had This Time Together a short tune written by her then husband and executive producer Joe Hamilton and then tug her ear as a reminder to her gran that she was thinking of her The lyrics are in part as follows I m so glad we had this time together Just to have a laugh or sing a song Seems we just got started and before you know it Comes the time we have to say So long There s a time you put aside for dreamin And a time for things you have to do The time I love the best is in the eveningI can spend a moment here with you When the time comes that I m feelin lonely And I m feelin ohooooo so blue I just sit back and think of you only And the happiness still comes throughThough The Carol Burnett Show was before my time my mother was is a huge fan of Ms Burnett so I ve been familiar with her since childhood Of course it certainly doesn t hurt that she played Miss Hannigan in one of my childhood movie addictions Annie I knew of Burnett s humor but I was in the dark about most of her work and her personal life so when I saw my sister rate This Time Together highly and sing its praises I moved it higher on my to read list I plowed through this audiobook listening to Burnett tell short anecdotes about her life The time she was on her favorite soap opera All My Children and Elizabeth Taylor dressed up as a cleaning woman for a scene and surprised Burnett who had no idea and had to play it off The time she and Julie Andrews pretended to make out in a hotel hallway to surprise their friend only to have Lady Bird Johnson be the one to catch them The time she had to do her infamous Tarzan yell to confirm her identity in order to buy stockings at Bergdorf s when she forgot her ID The otherworldly bond she had with a young girl dying of cancer I listened to her tell her own stories over the last few days and then I watched some of the corresponding clips from her show and her television specials that I could readily find online The last one I watched was the final ten minutes or so of The Carol Burnett Show in which she gets autographs from her costars talks about why she was bowing out when the show had been renewed for a twelfth season and then she sings the closing song Cue the silent tears running down my face I know how much those years and those people meant to her after spending about five or six hours with her through her audiobook so it made me an absolute bystander imagine what she must ve been feeling at that moment This Time Together isn t a memoir rather it is a collection of what I imagine must be 2 4 page stories They generally follow a linear timeline and it often one person will be lifted from a prior story and then an offshoot will occur creating a natural flow Carol Burnett is a class act She was is somewhat shy and awkward and oh so starstruck by many celebrities who I d consider her euals in the fame department She blubbered and forgot her husband s name when she met John Steinbeck She stepped in paint and ran away when she was introduced to Jimmy Stewart It is apparent from her stories and in her voice that she has genuine respect for the work people do but probably even so for what they are like as a person At one point in the book she tells of meeting a young girl who is dying of cancer and the special bond the two of them formed in a very short period of time after which Burnett discusses her feelings about the universe As the book goes forward passing through time the stories become less hilariously entertaining and a reminder that Burnett is a real person in her late seventies Several times during This Time Together pivotal life events are glossed over or relegated to a one sentence mention her two divorces come to mind However when it comes to the death of her daughter an entire story is included I felt a bit of a disconnect in the flow at that point but it would ve been impossible to not include such an earth shattering experience in a book of reflections She ponders whether she d like to be young again and thinks about how great a shake at it she s had I can t help but agree On the scales the happy memories seem to far outweigh the sad ones and that s really all we can ask forThis book specifically this audiobook is for the people who love hearing people tell stories for those curious about the personalities of many movie and television stars and especially for people who realize the importance of preserving memories and life experiences for friends family and posterity s sake It was an absolute pleasure to listen to so for that I m giving it 55 stars I can only aspire to be the lovely person Carol Burnett is Watch a video I couldn t embed here at The Readventurer

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The legendary “Went With the Wind” skit; and things that would happen only to Carol – the prank with Julie Andrews that went wrong in front of the First Lady; the famous Tarzan Yell that saved her during a mugging; and the time she faked a wooden leg to get served in a famous ice cream emporium This poignant look back allows us to cry with the actress during her sorrows rejoice in her successes and finally always to laug. I was watching Annie with my little one the other day and within minutes I was shaking my head How could any actress even attempt to play Miss Hannigan after Carol Burnett s performance It wasn t just that it was funny In fact it may not be a lot of people s cup of tea because it is so broad as is her style It was that Carol Burnett decided that her character was going to play this silly comedy musical as if it was a melodrama She was Joan Crawford at her long suffering martyr best It takes a lot not to be upstaged by a cute curly haired urchin an adorable furball and a bunch of overproduced Look Ma I m actin ovah heeeyah sing and dance numbers but Burnett shone I for one only had eyes for herHaving said that people looking for super candid memoirs in This Time Together might be a bit disappointed This is a collection of bits some of them funnier than others Carol tackles computers Carol is confronted by a grumpy restaurant hostess than a sincere shared insight into her unconventional upbringing marriages or behind the scenes experiences from the set of her TV shows and movies To be fair she may have already explored that territory with her first memoirs which I have not read Still overall this book is at times humorous surprising and when she talks about her daughter very emotionalPerhaps the most surprising tidbit I learned from This Time Together concerns one of my favorite comedy moments of all time and apparently voted the funniest scene on television by some association or other The Gone with the Wind Parody where Carol as a Scarlett clone makes her grand entrance on the staircase wearing the recognizable green velvet drape dress except this one comes complete with the curtain rod still inserted behind her neck and shoulders and tassles on her hat and belt All this time I thought it was just another of the brilliant ideas that made Burnett s TV variety show so memorable and uniue but lo and behold it was exclusively the brain child of fashion designer Bob Mackie And here I was thinking he was infamous merely for all those Vegas show girly outrageous 1980s Oscar get ups that Cher strutted in on the red carpet He should have gotten an Emmy for the Burnett show

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    Fair warning haha random thoughts from each time I read this bottom part is the first one if you want to read in order or something Reflecting on some of these stories always puts a smile on my face I always get a laugh out of people when I te

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    35 stars Carol BurnettCarol Burnett is probably one of the best known and most popular television personalities Reruns of her old variety show can still be seen on cable TVCarol Burnett had amiable but alcoholic parents an

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    This is a wonderful collection of stories from Carol Expect no muck racking or trash talking about other celebrities Carol is too classy for that You can expect to learn about her variety show all of her guests and co stars and a little about her family and her life growing up There are very few sad moments or stories here but that was just fine with me Highly recommended in audio form for fans of the Carol Burnett show

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    At the end of each episode of her eponymous show Carol Burnett would sing I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together a

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    Those on the hunt for Burnett's autobiography should seek out the title One More Time This small volume is a series of anecdotes inspired by the popular uestion and answer sessions you may recall her once conducting to open her variety show In it she shares a wide range of incidents and interactions she found both amusing and surprising She possesses a terrific sense for this kind of thing and the skill to carry it of

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    How many of you reading this recall The Garry Moore Show? I grew up watching it and still recall it for it's humor as a kid the musical numbers were mostly of lesser interest Mr Moore gave a lot of people a star

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    Fluffy Audio Candy 🍭Lovely little inside look at historic Hollywood almost like listening to your grandmother tell tales from her youth if your grandmother was a Hollywood iconI'd never actually watched or seen Carol Burnett in movies or TV until I looked up some old clips after finishing the book Not somet

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    I was watching Annie with my little one the other day and within minutes I was shaking my head How could any actr

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    I had a lovely time with Ms Burnett once again She has lived a fun and eventful life

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    Probably the best thing I can say about This Time Together is this I stopped reading for two days right before the end because I didn't want it to be over Like many people I grew up watching The Carol Burnett Show and I still count many moments of that show as some of the funniest I've ever seen on television How many TV programs make you laugh 'til you're breathless? Hers managed to do that all the time This memoir was