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Nning strong willed Natalie who is determined to reunite him with his family he's forced to relinuish his guard and show her the real man behind the celebrity As passion brings them closer together Derek will do what it takes to score a win win with the woman who's run off with his most valuable possessionhis heart. I loved this book Great job Harmony

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Passion's the greatest score of all Life coach Natalie Kenyon helps her famous clients achieve happiness and lasting intimacy in their personal lives But pro basketball all star Derek Lansing isn't so easy to pin down His rags to riches story takes hold of Natalie's heart and his first electric touch ignites an irr. Derek Lansing our hero is a professional basketball player who is having an off season His manager is understandably concerned so our heroine Natalie Kenyon is roped into the scene She is a very successful life coach who comes highly recommended by her A list clientele He s too manly to take her brand of soft touch seriously but it won t be long before he succumbs to her TLC He has family issues she has some too so can they find their inner smile in time for the happy endingThat s basically it for the synopsis of Stealing Kisses There is nothing out of the ordinary here everything you will get is written out there on the box so to speak Not that this is a bad thing of course as the author does a pretty good job in selling me the romance The characters communicate like sensible people and they have some decent chemistryI m not sold on the heroine being this successful life coach though Natalie second guesses herself so often and she also lacks this cool and confident demeanor that she would have needed to be as good as she is Derek holds the strings in this relationship she is far too concerned about how he would react to her decisions and behavior to function like a life coach would Given that Natalie is supposed to be the most awesome person for the job this is a pretty big issue Unfortunately Harmony Evans isn t the first author to cut her own story at the knees by bragging that her main characters are this fantastic only to fall short of delivering and she won t be lastThe family issues in this story are also resolved in such unbelievable ease there is nothing a big hug can t fix apparently that the stench of the Care Bears is strong in this oneOn the bright side this story is sexually explicit than a typical Kimani story In addition to the usual missionary position we also have oral fun people It s all good although I scratch my head at some of the author s euphemisms Calling the hero s pee pee long core of skin for example has me wondering what that is supposed to be Perhaps the author is referring to the hero s foreskin Given that he s American he s not likely to have any Or is that phrase a way of telling me that it is shaped like an apple coreStealing Kisses has a serviceable romance and the characters have some pleasant chemistry between them But something feels off here at the end of the day The author solves her characters problems too easily and the heroine coming off as not what she is written to be makes the premise that feels artificial from the beginning In the end this is an okay read that could have been put together better

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Esistible desire It could be a lose lose if she becomes the sexy player's next conuestDerek is living every athlete's dream surrounded by adoring fans and available women But he still feels alone Beneath his freewheeling playboy facade is a man yearning for redemption As he struggles to get a slam dunk with the stu. Nice StoryI enjoyed reading this story I think it was my first one by this author but I will be looking for others by her I liked the characters and the story keep me interested I read it in one day

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    Wow This book was everything Derek and Natalie met and fell in love within days lmao That was the craziest part But the best thing about this book was the love and forgiveness Losing out on so many years being with your family is hu

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    Derek Lansing our hero is a professional basketball player who is having an off season His manager is understandab

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    Good at her job Life Coach Natalia Kenyon has a 100% success rate with her clients Her greatest challenge comes in the form of pro basketball player Derek Lansing Not only is he stubborn to a fault he does not believe any one can help him It amazing to see Natalia take chances and do the unthinkable as well as watch Derek become a new man

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    Nice StoryI enjoyed reading this story I think it was my first one by this author but I will be looking for others by her I liked the characte

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    With endearing and believable characters whose struggles mirror real life family dramas the uniue storyline captures the reader's attention from start to finish RT Book Reviews rated 4 starsMiniseries Kimani Hotties

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    NiceFirst time reading this author This was a story that held your interest Will read from this author A nice short story

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    I loved this book Great job Harmony

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    2020 A really good story