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Can to get you into my bedBut she was determined not to surrender her heart to a man however persuasive and irresistible who would never be satisfied with merely one wom. 25 stars Here s my problem with this book and a lot of Harleys with this theme I hate it when the author start telling the story of reunited couples after all of the angst is over They always start when the couple meet up again and pass up all the misery of the pass relationship that had caused the Hh to break up in the first place which is the best part IMO That s the part I want to read That s the part that makes the book interesting I want to experience all the horridness of the cheating hero or the hateful mother or the naive young spineless virgin growing into the fire cracker from the beginning of the relationship I want to see it all And that s why I think this book failed me Our hero cheated on the spineless heroine while letting his mother and friends walk all over her and she goes away for six years and comes back swinging That s all good but boring if I can t get to see all the sordid details from the start

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N AustraliaNow forced to return to Conal for a favor she was surprised to discover he wanted her back All's fair in love and war he said This is both I'll use any trick I. Wow I didn t think Robyn Donald could pull off a cheating hero who cheats and rapes but she did here I won t go into the plot summary because Katie V did a great job in her review but here s the basic scenario Heroine 17 was in a marriage of convenience unbeknownst to her and discovered the hero having sex with another woman When she confronts him he forces himself on her They both call this rape and we don t see it in real time or in a detailed flashback She runs away goes to university and generally grows up The story opens when the heroine reuests money from her trust fund and the hero says that she will have to see him in person for him to release the fundsSo how did Robyn Donald write her way to a HEA with that setup1 The heroine really has grown up and we re shown this in several scenes where the heroine puts potential OWs in their place 2 The hero owns up to the rape immediately and admits that he never should have forced himself on her But then he undermines it by insisting she enjoyed everything leading to the painful penetration3 The hero s subseuent cheating was a rare b only while they were physically apart And the hero was brutally honest about his cheating We get the whys and wherefores he was imagining the OW as the heroine for instance It doesn t make him look good but that sort of candor is necessary if you re going to ever trust him4 The heroine doesn t fall into bed with him until they have hashed out everything the rape the cheating his mother s interference the lack of money in the trust fund her relationship with the stepdaughter the sexual desire they have for each other Their conversations might end with the hero sneering and the heroine uivering and not being able to sleep but they do talk and they do come to understand each other better5 The heroine only decides to forgive and let go of the past after they have had a lot of conversations and she sees a fatal car crash on the highway That is believable to me Life might not seem short when you re 23 until you see a life snuffed out in an instant6 The hero doesn t let up in his pursuit of her He s very serious about a reconciliation Sometimes it s damaging to the heroine and other times it just what she needs to move forward7 There s a lot of forward motion in their scenes together which I found refreshing For instance the rape is revisited a few times and the language changes and the heroine s version softens Whether that s good or bad in psychological terms I don t know but it does sell her forgiveness to me the reader And we actually get to see the OWs than once They heroine s reaction toward then the second time is much nuanced and mature She s over worrying about these women8 The stepdaughter actually added a lot to the story The heroine couldn t act like a tragic figure around her and the hero couldn t put the heavy seduction moves on while she was present That constraint sold me on seeing them as a family with a future rather than as hyper emotional HP characters who could never exist outside the pages of a bookSo she did it I do believe in the HEA I think this would have been a solid five stars but I found the heroine s insistence on lying about her sexual past off putting especially when the hero was being honest The hero was a neanderthal when it came to sexual needs but hey this is an HP

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She never wanted a reconciliationSix years ago Catlin Loring had stumbled on her husband in bed with another woman Shattered she'd fled New Zealand and begun a new life i. Pretty conflicted on this one It had some disturbing elements no doubt And there were a few uotes from the hero that were hideously OMFG you did not just say that Which not gonna lie I sometimes enjoy just for the sheer shock value effect However I d tread lightly if rape and domestic abuse are a trigger Overall it s a gripping read written in the older style of only getting the heroine s point of view In some ways I prefer the old style although in certain situations it is nice to get the hero POV You certainly have to pay attention to cues about the hero s body language expressions and dissect what he says You are forced to draw of your own conclusions with the single POV I always feel like I m in touch with the heroine and personally immersed in the story when seeing things through her eyes alone In my amateur opinion I think it is harder to write single POV than multi POV if done rightThis was an odd mix of modern ideals and old school sexism which given the time it was written is probably realistic Men and women were feeling their way around progressive thinking IMHO and conflicting messages were common Not that we don t still have those issues but in the 80 s it was worse On one hand you have the hero apologizing for raping the heroine and the other he s victim blaming and rationalizing his actions with you made me do it sort of crap The heroine even drinks that Kool Aid to a certain extent Also you see him feeling no remorse for cheating on the h during their separation yet being almost violently jealous of her fictional lovers Then again the HEA is achieved before the revelation that she d never had other lovers and I felt like he was committed to moving on and not dwelling on the past regardlessBasic story with spoilersview spoiler The story starts 7 years after the heroine left the hero so what we know about the past is told in bits and pieces throughout the bookCatlin was raised on a remote New Zealand ranch where she was isolated from the world aside from her father and others on the ranch She was even home schooled So to say she was a babe in the woods is an understatementThe father meets the hero Conal because he wants to buy the ranch and they become friends The father s health is failing so in a situation only found in HPLand I hope he makes Conal the trustee of 17 year old Catlin s inheritance until she is 25The father dies and Conal decides to marry the h She s seriously infatuated so she just goes along and is shocked when she realizes he has no intention of consummating the marriage and basically leaves her to the mercy of his catty mother while he does his thingIt was never stated outright but I think he married her for two reasons One he felt obligated to protect her since she had no family and he was the trustee of a fortune that didn t really exist By the time the estate was settled there wasn t much left for her but no one thought to tell Catlin of course Two he wanted take her off the market until she was ready to be plucked so to speak He was attracted to her but knew she was far too young and unsophisticatedimmature for him he s late 20 s and she s 17 and they re worlds apart on many levels So he plans to keep her locked away until she grows up and learns to fit in his world Kinda creepy yes To say there was a lack of communication is an understatement Conal never tells Catlin anything so she s completely confused by this new world she s thrown into and doesn t understand why he married her or what the heck she s supposed to do now His friends are condescending to this hick child bride and his mother is a shrewThen she catches him with his mistress In a jealous rage Catlin confronts Conal and he rapes her An act which progressively gets revised to a less violent event as the story goes on The reader is told about this after the fact so we don t know what really happened There is no detailed flash backAfter this she runs away and makes her way from New Zealand to Australia She and Conal are somewhat in contact through her lawyer Again mixed signals there On one hand the lawyer is loyal to Catlin and refuses to divulge her whereabouts to Conal but on the other hand he is colluding with Conal in a very paternalpatronizing way There is no inheritance to speak of but Catlin doesn t know this so Conal and the lawyer work out a scheme where they pay her a monthly stipend that she believes is her moneyI really felt for Catlin when this came out She had gone to college and was hoping to buy her own business when the story began She d also put an enormous amount of time and effort into learning to be sophisticated because she d felt so out of place in Conal s world and still had the immature I ll show you attitude when she first left him Still she was so proud of herself for having done this on her own and was devastated to learn that it was all paid for by her rapey husband At least the hero has the grace to not throw this in her face and point out that the accomplishments were still hers even if he paid for themShe s 24 when the story starts and wanting extra money from her trust to buy a bookstore Conal uses this as an opportunity to see her again and judge for himself if she is truly okay and decide if he should give her the money to go on without him or take her in hand yes it s wallbanging So he sends her a letter and says he needs to see her personally to discuss the financesWhen he sees her again she s much sophisticated and grown up and while he was attracted to her before he is now determined to keep her Hence a lot of manipulation emotional blackmail and game playing to maneuver her into staying in New Zealand and resuming their marriageLike I said before it s kind of interesting that it was only told through her POV because like her we re left guessing as to the H s exact motivesfeelingsAs a lover of old school train wrecks this could have been a 5 for me However I have one must that wasn t fulfilled I like the hero to love the heroine all along In this case he didn t IMHO He found her attractive but didn t fall in love until she came back I also found it sad that the scenario set the rape up as a good thing because it forced the h to leave and grow up and therefore become the type of woman he could love My impression was that the HEA would never have been achieved had she stayed with ConalThis is all up to interpretation though Since we only get the one POV another reader may interpret things a bit differently OR they may throw the book through a wall before finishing That s why these old wallbangers can be so fun hide spoiler

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    My god what a Horrible bookthis is the first ever book that i have read n cursed myself for reading itcursed myself cause i have a bad habit that what i ever i start reading i have to read till the end no matter how bad the book may be so think how i made through the bookThis is another one of those stories where you hav

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    I like this because this is one of the earliest example's in HPlandia of how to make a cheating H workNo one likes infidelity and th

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    Pretty conflicted on this one It had some disturbing elements no doubt And there were a few uotes from the hero that were hideously 'OMFG you did not just say that' Which not gonna lie I sometimes enjoy just for the sheer shock value effect However I'd tread lightly if rape and domestic abuse are a trigger Overall it's a gripping read written in the older style of only getting the heroine's point of view In so

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    I just can't evenNoPlease don't give me a reason why this book is good or acceptable Because it's notHe cheats that there is unacceptable and unforgivable and then he rapes her to punish her for HIS shortcomingsOnce again NOTo make her fall in love with a cheater and rapist is not just sickening it's insulting to my better senses You just don't do itIN NO UNIVERSE should that be acceptable and i don't care if

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    Catlin wants to buy a bookshop but the only way she can get the funds released from her inheritance is go home to Auckland and face Conal the husband she hasn’t seen for than 6 years It’s going to be brutalCatlin was 17 when she married Conal shortly after her father’s death left her an orphan with a farm and no one else to

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    Wow I didn't think Robyn Donald could pull off a cheating hero who cheats and rapes but she did here I won't go into the pl

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    What can I say I love books where the hero is faithful after he messed up big time In this book they also deal with marital rape and they don't gloss over it like it never happens and she is total devastated by what he did and he recognizes how it effected her and it destroys him They have some power struggles bu

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    25 stars Here’s my problem with this book and a lot of Harleys with this theme I hate it when the author start telling

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    When I started reading this book I thought the hero was a jackass and by the the time I finished yeah he was still a jackass

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    “Rage mixed with terror whitened her face‘I’m not going to hurt you’ he said with soft emphasis speaking soothingly like a man trying to calm a panic stricken animal ‘It’s all right Cat You have to get over this

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