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Of love in daily living He tells us how we can express love to ourselves our family our friends our neighbors and in our business relationships He shows us how to forgive ourselves and everyone else with true understanding and without any desire for recognition acceptance or rewardThis beautiful volume simply yet insightfully presents the power that love holds out to each of us to transform ourselves and our world The author invites us to see love as a gift that has already been given a gift that becomes manifest at the very center of life He shows us how love is.

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Joel Goldsmith's Gift of Love

The universal medium through which we can come to recognize the pure Christ in every person and every situationAddressing crucial words of inspiration and strength to the newly married Joel Goldsmith's The Gift of Love demonstrates the special uality of wedded love which can provide the answer to many marital problems But this book has importance for everyone Whether given as a gift kept for personal inspiration in times of stress or for the joy of expanding our understanding of this most important theme it will enrich the spiritual lives of all who turn its page.

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We all want to be understood and to be understandingif only the mask that is hiding you from me and me from you could drop from our faces we would be like children back in the Garden of Eden Here is a very special selection of key meditations by Joel S Goldsmith on the nature meaning and possibilities of love Joel Goldsmith's The Gift of Love in a compact and immediate way brings us the great mystic's essential views on love Christ and the eternal challenge to transcend the material worldIn clear and simple language Mr Goldsmith speaks of the power and the mystery.

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    Joel Goldsmith is one of the truly great spiritual authorsAt first I found this book to be slightly less impressive than others I’ve read by this author But on re reading it for purposes of this review I realized that I couldn’t give it less than 5 stars and particularly when Goldsmith was writing about divine love the most im

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    I love all of his books Timeless important life changing brought me immense peace Read every book of his I could find I read it years ago

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