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Better No way would dangerously sexy Ryan ever woo a wholesome family friend like her Yet one astonishing evening the world turned topsy turvy and Deedee landed in Ryan's arms Two hearts thundered Countless kisses throbbed Still Deedee feared Ryan's p.

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Friends LoversAnd Babies

Assion would be fleeting and their old relationship soon restored But the MacAllisters merely smiled smugly And collectively began betting ona baby Experience the laughter and love as the MacAllister men discover true love and fatherhood in THE BABY B.

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The Baby Bet THE BABY WAGER Sure her best friend's brother was drop dead gorgeous But as long as Deedee Hamilton had known him ex cop Ryan MacAllister was also oddly aloof So the matchmaking MacAllister clan might be wagering on Cupid but Deedee knew.

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