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To get Nicole out of his system for good He offers her a deal if Nicole wants to move on with her life she will be his one last ti. 35 stars liked it

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Bound to the Sicilian's Bed

Rocco’s outrageous proposition His estranged wife will spend one final weekend in his bed When Rocco’s runaway wife asks for a. Second chance story Virgin heroine was a cleanerwanna be artist in the tycoon hero s building They met by chance Had a sexual affair that the hero was already starting to pull back from when the heroine fell pregnant They moved to Sicily with the hero s grandfather who had raised him after his parent s died Heroine had a miscarriage Hero couldn t comfort her Heroine left to begin a life in England Story opens two years later after heroine files for divorce Hero engineers a fake reconciliation for a business deal and the story goes on from there This doesn t break any new ground but the Hh were both celibate during their separation the hero doesn t slut shame her and he chases her down with her plane idling on the tarmac for a nice grovel Ivy has details and hot guy photos in her excellent review

Summary Bound to the Sicilian's Bed

Divorce the Sicilian billionaire seizes his chance They’ve never discussed their painful past but this is the perfect opportunity. ARC provided by NetGalley and Harleuin in exchange for an honest reviewNicole and Rocco have unfinished business as far as Rocco is concerned Nicole is ready for closer and is in a good place so it s time to move on from her marriage to Rocco Nicole and Rocco have been separated for a couple years And it s take Nicole sometime to be in a healthy and secure place to finally ask Rocco for the terminations of their marriageNicole was a office clean in Rocco s buisnessoffices and that s how they met Rocco was attracted to Nicole and wanted a brief and fun affair Nicole was drawn to Rocco immediately and couldn t believe he felt the same in return They begin a affair and when Rocco begins to feel to much for Nicole he begins realizing it s time to end things but in the process to ending the affair he also started treating her in a manner that was degrading in my book in hopes of Nicole breaking things off This part I found distasteful and very off putting for both the hero and heroine But a surprise awaits both of them as Nicole becomes pregnant so the two decide to marry They have tumultuous and passionate marriage but tragedy strikes and Nicole losses the baby Nicole left Rocco and was determined to get her life together and find purpose for herself We begin the story with Rocco finding Nicole after receiving divorce papers from Nicole Rocco and a lot of unresolved issues with Nicole and was determined to find out how and why things unfolded as they did as well and maybe some payback in a sense The two begin the process of trying to come to some agreement that satisfies both but as they begin to learn they had some false preconceived notions of each The two then realize that they never really stoped caring for each other and so the relationship takes a new turnFound this to be a dry and flat read The characters were uninspiring and lacked depth I never connected with either character and it took me over a week to finish I lost interest at times and found it difficult to pick up and finish

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    ‘You’ve just served me with divorce papers Nicole’ he drawled ‘What did you think would happen? That I would just sign over half my fortune and let you walk off into the sunset with a toss of your pretty curls? Is that what you were hoping?’ Sharon Kendrick Bound to the Sicilian's Bed Kindle Locations 71 73 HarleuinUKLtd Kindle Ed

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    Second chance story Virgin heroine was a cleanerwanna be artist in the tycoon hero's building They met by chance Had a sexu

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    What my friend Esther said It was a dry and flat book I liked that heroine was a virgin and I liked the epilogue but I couldn’t really warm up to the characters I love this author but this book was just ok

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    Another phone it in story that was a little boringMOC under the excuse that the H needs the h to portray Happy Families to the prospective business because the billionaire tycoon's business savvy is not enough? Yes I know what am I do

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    This was a bit disappointing The conflict was thin at best and it was stretched out too long Really if these two had only done the mature thing of sitting down and talking they would've solved their problems a long time ago But then we probably wouldn't have a book Like I said the conflict wasn't substantial e

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    ARC provided by NetGalley and Harleuin in exchange for an honest reviewNicole and Rocco have unfinished business a

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    35 stars liked it

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    45 Stars

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    Well written romance with complex characters that both need to learn to trust well worth a read

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    Sticking with my favorite theme of the moment of second chance romance in a marriage trope this one featured the story of Rocco and Nicole reconnecting after been separated from one another for two years with Nicole seeking a divorce which Rocco is none too happy about This story started off very promising with all the things that I was expecting from this trope It had tension drama and friction as these two went head to head T

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