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S soft easy to peck foods that closely mimic caterpillars their top food preference And planting just a few carefree perennials and shrubs can provide opportunities for cover and nesting Sally Roth's Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard draws on the latest science and 50 years of observation to reveal these fascinating details In the wee hours it's the robins that sing first followed by the b.

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Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard

The best ways to attract melodic birds with insight into their rapidly changing habits The American robin and northern cardinal are two of the best loved songbirds but newer backyard arrivals like rose breasted grosbeaks and scarlet tanagers uickly captivate with their vivid colors and uniue songs Bird lovers will learn to attract new visitors by offering treats that songbirds like best such a.

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Abble of house wrens and the whistle of cardinals Some birds learn birdsongs throughout their lives while others stop learning once they can mimic their parents' song It's Dad not Mom who teaches the young birds to singSimple tips ideas and recipes as well as an understanding of why songbirds are coming from the treetops into the backyard will help any bird enthusiast create a songbird sanctua.

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    This book was written in a uirky humorous style that made it a pleasure to read There is in depth information on where to place you

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    Good reference information

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    Great book with lots of information about attracting songbirds to your backyard Sally Roth is a naturalist gardener and author of many books This book is well written and has great pictures of the songbirds