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It's Monty Python meets Nazi exploitation in a surreal nightmare as can only be imagined by Bizarro author Cameron Pierce In a land where black snow falls in the shape of swastikas there exists a nightmarish prison camp known as Auschwitz It is run by a fascist flatulent race of aliens called the Ass Goblins who travel i. I am dreading the next book club meeting We ll be discussing This Republic of Suffering Death and the American Civil War and preparing to read The Professor and the Madman A Tale of Murder Insanity and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary John will be reading some high brow s autobiography and Fred just can t wait for James Lee Burke s new book Michelle will be pining for another novel by Christopher Moore Then they ll turn to me and say Marvin what did you read this week And I ll answerAss Goblins of AuschwitzAnd I won t feel happy about it for AGOA is very disturbing even for Bizarro literature First there is the unfortunate choice of Auschwitz The author may be too young for the full effect but Auschwitz holds too much dread for my generation to be effective in even this bizarre a satire Pierce has taken scatological aliens and placed them in a third Reich setting in which they are eating and torturing children for the purpose of turning them into ass goblins OK I get it Ass Goblins are adults who remove children from their Kidland forcing them to endure the horrors of adult life Or maybe Pierce just wants to out gross everyone That s the problemwe can t know He goes for the extreme shock and loses any meaning in the story except for the word Auschwitz ringing in the ears of those who remember its true horrors We do not need this kind of extreme shock for the real thing already existedIt s unfortunate for Bizarro fiction can be exuisitely weird and Cameron Pierce can really write This is beautiful and powerful writing that is lost in the attempt to be over the top and disgusting and manages to be simply disrespectful and appalling

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Ass Goblins of Auschwitz

N apple shaped spaceships to abduct children from the neighboring world of Kidland Prisoners 999 and 1001 are conjoined twin brothers forced to endure the sadistic tortures of these ass shaped monsters To survive they must eat kid skin and work all day constructing bicycles and sex dolls out of dead children While the As. Let me guess The ass with eyestalks covered in Nazi symbols is totally turning you away from this book Don t Go ahead read it It s worth itAss Goblins of Auschwitz certainly looks and sounds like something that was written to be offensive for the sake of offending It is not very long the cover makes no attempts to mute the meaning of the title One might think it is screaming to be thrown on the pyre But don t be so uick to judge Cameron Pierce always whether intentional or not has something to say with the subject matter he uses He like other Bizarro authors does not write juvenile screed They write things to make you think and entertainFirst the Nazi imagery is not just empty symbolism It is carefully chosen to evoke a certain emotional response Horror strife oppression fear The Ass Goblins are a vehicle for examining something that has lost its edge because of the frailty of human memory and distance of time and geography Namely war I d wager that every high school student who pays attention to World History hears the phrase Holocaust and attaches the six million Jews killed statistic to it But much like televised war we are numb to it The horror we are never supposed to forget is being forgotten And it s not just World War II it s any war The Ira War The Cold War The War on Drugs The War on Terror all of these have casualties that we don t often see and no clearly defined battlefields or open viewed combat Pierce s use of children as an easily identifiable victim allows this short narrative to cut to your heart as children are still one of the last things everyone still holds sacred Even among criminals child molesters are the lowest of the lowSo by creating a story of alien asses of the most readily recognizable evil enslaving children for industry and experimentation Pierce is slapping your face to remind you that there is going on in the world than the new iPhone or what happened on Idol last night There are people dying over petty things and for petty men Sometimes we need that splash of offensiveness to remind us We need symbols to add the human element to cold logic Ass Goblins of Auschwitz delivers this needed commentary in a deft and surprisingly touching mannerCameron Pierce has the gift of writing meaningful emotionally charged Bizarro Ass Goblins of Auschwitz is just one fine example of his ability

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S Goblins become drunk on cider made from fermented children the twins plot their escape But it won't be easy They must overcome toilet toads cockrats ass dolls and the surgical experiments that are slowly mutating them into goblin child hybrids Forget everything you know about Auschwitzyou're about to be Shit Slaughtere. I was sent this book by a friend who received it in error after ordering something else and who thought that I might be interested They were right I love reading weird and unusual stuff and this definitely ualifies It s basically bizarro fiction about what happens when ass goblins launch a concentration camp and fill it with kids It s definitely not for those with a sensitive palette but I thought that it set out to do something and then achieved it Fun stuff

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    I am dreading the next book club meeting We'll be discussing This Republic of Suffering Death and the American Civil War and preparing to read The Professor and the Madman A Tale of Murder Insanity and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary John will be reading some high brow's autobiography and Fred just can't wait for James Lee Burke'

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    How is it I've overlooked this undoubtedly fine piece of literature for so long?

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    In the first four pages of Cameron Pierce's As Goblins of Auschwitz a row of child slaves are molested one by one by a giant as shaped Nzi Goblin But by the time the main character pulls a bicycle made of other children out of his scrotum this will not seem shocking As Goblins of Auschwitz was a difficult book to read It's been 80 years or so but I think we can all say that the Holocaust still isn't funny As Go

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    Let me guess? The ass with eyesta

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    Cameron Pierce’s strength lies in his imagination I personally think an animation company should sign him on to come up with ideas for cartoons video games and stuff like that because his work does lend itself to that sort of thing The book itself is twisted entertaining and creative three traits that I rarely find all in one book This is the author’s second book and in many ways it’s better than the first There i

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    I really wanted this to be awesome I'm a big fan of weird I'm a big fan of gross I'm also a big fan of writing and that's where the book lost m

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    I was sent this book by a friend who received it in error after ordering something else and who thought that I might be in

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    Conjoined twins 999 and 1001 are laborers in the prison camp of Auschwitz building bicycles from the corpses of kidnapped children under the tyr

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    Josef Mengele and Sigmund Freud had a baby and Cameron Pierce shit on itThis book is probably the most disgusting thing I've ever read and I could not put it down

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    It was pointed out to me that my previous review did not include the fact that I recommend the book So here is a new reviewI was dare